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Urban Translator, Wallace Gator Bradley
Wallace Gator Bradley, UIPI President
I am glad that women like Melody Spann-Cooper at WVON still has the community conscious and WVON is airing the PSA and hopefully those who recognize the street rapport of Wallace "Gator" Bradley will hear his appeal to call with information and the $6,000 reward to catch this serial rapist in the Roseland community.

It's embarrassing to think that in over 30 years in the Civil Rights movement that we fought for radio stations like the old WGCI-AM/FM and WBMX and we had socially conscious management who used to seek us out on issues like this and now these years later we have PROGRESSED to the point these community.
Wallace "Gator" Bradley, Urban Translator
current station managers do not want to put themselves in a position of having community activists promoted with major cash rewards on trying to solve major crimes like a serial rapist, and I was stunned to hear women as the current decision makers on not airing this PSA on Clear Channel. I will certainly encourage more community women to listen to WVON as a station that truly cares about the community that they broadcast to while others are more concerned about less news, more unconscious music, and profits. Over 40 years after the death of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and over 30 years for marching and fighting for justice for the disenfranchised including women. I am not pleased at all with the response of these women at Clear Channel, so Thanks again to WVON for staying true to their commitment to the local
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For the record Frank Avila , Ivan Tomic were aware of the fact that I had an agreement with Aaron Patterson for $ 100,000.00 in the Aaron Patterson vs Jon Burge case # 03 cv 4433 and so did the other Defendants Carl Berry and Adam Loewy; as a matter of fact Defendant Frank Avila made said he was aware under oath as my witness in my suit against Aaron Patterson in Judge Bill Taylor's chambers April 2010, Wallace Gator Bradley vs. Aaron Patterson case # 09 cv 4761. His attorney that's representing him now , David Miley was there too. I have a witness that's willing to appear in court and testify that Frank Avila and Ivan Tomic knew that I had an agreement with Aaron Patterson before Avila and Tomic took Aaron's case.

In a January 28, 2009 e-mail from Frank Avila sent to Aaron Patterson via Bertha Escamilla, Frank shows again that he and the defendants had knowledge of the agreement between me and Aaron Patterson an I quote Avila, " I am willing to give Gator Bradley $ 25,000.00. I would like to resolve this quickly and amicably if possible. I do not control
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Adam and Carl do not want to give anything to Gator their position is not that Gator gets nothing but that if he gets something it is WHAT YOU ( Aaron) PROMISED HIM", end of quote. In another e-mail dated January 28, 2009 from Aaron Patterson sent to Frank Avila via Bertha Escamilla, and I quote " Hey Frank, your guy Adam is making this entirely too hard to settle this matter and I told him before not to throw that so call $ 100,000 thing with Gator in my face, because that has absolutely no connection to this dispute and he seems to think Gator should get nothing. I AM SERIOUS THINKING ABOUT SCRAPPING THIS DEAL, because of that and why he insist on making this $ 350,000.00 public in front of CTS (courts), when we can easily get an agreement between us about making sure AVILA group gets their $ 350,000.00 as agreed. this cc'd to Attorney Gambino.

In another e-mail dated January 6, 2009 from Adam Loewy to Aaron Patterson and I quote " So if you want to pay Gator money then do it." I have these documents, they will be exhibits A-D in my response.
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