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The Bradley Report Grassroots Newsletter is a natural outgrowth from the activities, articles and news reporting that started with the United In Peace, Inc. organization's website.

Members of the United In Peace, Inc. staff felt that we were so involved in news reporting that we should develop a newsletter exclusively for the purpose of reporting news, rather than change the focus of United In Peace, the parent organization with a primary focus on Community Activism.

Hence, The Bradley Report Grassroots Newsletter was born. We report the activities and viewpoints of the founder and CEO of the United In Peace organizationWallace "Gator" Bradley, as well as News They Refuse To Use, and News Pertinent To The Black Community that may have been overlooked by readers.

We believe that our contribution is relevant and in some way, fits pieces of the bigger puzzle together that will ultimately result in a better world for all.

We inform our readership via Email Marketng Campaigns and encourage forwarding and social network media such as facebook, twitter and linked-in.

We hope you find our work interesting and informative.We welcome your comments, articles, critisms, encouragement and support.

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