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Wallace "Gator" Bradley, Urban Translator
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Wallace 'Gator' Bradley, social and political activist, is amongst an assembly of distinguished African Americans to be included in the April 2011 updated edition of the AFRICAN AMERICAN NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY (AANB), edited by Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Dr. Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham.

The AFRICAN AMERICAN NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY a joint project of the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard University and Oxford University Press, was published in an eight volume print edition in January 2008.

Covering a broader range of African American lives than ever before, the African American National Biography presents history through a mosaic of the lives of [over] 4,100 individuals, some known throughout the world and others all but forgotten, illuminating the abiding influence of African Americans on the life of this nation through the immediacy of personal experience.

The African American National Biography includes not only great and famous African Americans, but a selection that will be representative of the scope of African American experience.
(W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research, 2010)

Dr. West told Gator that " It would be an honor to write the preface or the forward for his (Gator's) bio; researched and composed by Dr. Safiya D. Hoskins, Bradley's personal biographer and a contributor to the AANB since 2008.

The biography for Bradley was researched and composed by Dr. SaFiya D. Hoskins; his personal biographer and a contributor to the AFRICAN-
AMERICAN NATIONAL BIOGRAPHYsince 2008 having written over 50 entries. Hoskins has a doctorate in Urban Higher Education/Educational Leadership, an M.A. in Communication & Culture/Organizational Communication and a B.A. in Journalism/Public Relations with a minor in African American Studies. She is the host of Beauty, Brains & the Bottom Line, a weekly news/talk program on Radio One's flagship station, WOL in Washington, DC.

Additionally, she is the continuing education columnist for the Washington, DC Examiner and a contributor to Harvard University's African American National Biography on Oxford University Press.

Dr. Hoskins presented her research on Faculty Perceptions of Racial Climate at Historically Black Colleges & Universities to an international audience at the Association for the Study of Higher Education and will present at the 2011 American Association for Blacks in Higher Education conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

She authored a novel, An Infrequent Pairing, and wrote poetry for the anthology, Alternatives to Surrender. Dr. Hoskins was the guest of Chef Emeril LaGasse on the Discovery Channel Network's television show, Emeril Green, in her own full episode, Vexing Vegetarian; she was a panelist on the District Entertainment political talk show, Point of View with Vic Christian, and she was featured in the commercial Smilin' Faces, a gospel production.

Dr. Hoskins has worked extensively in radio and the recording industry, including Clear Channel Communications and Def Jam Recordings, Inc.; she has been a university professor and a college administrator. Dr. Hoskins resides in Washington, DC.
Wallace "Gator" Bradley is Available for Speaking Engagements in February Black History Month, etc.:
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Wallace Gator Bradley- Social, Political Activist and Urban Translator; huddles with Princeton University Professor , Dr. Cornel West prior to the URBAN EDUCATION SUMMIT @ Kennedy King College in Chicago (Jan. 6, 2011); hosted by Metropolitan Areas Group for Igniting Civilization
(MAGIC) and it's Chairman F. Alex Gardner of FFH Bancorp.
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