Memorandum Opinion And Order
This matter came before the Court on Defendant's, Ivan Tomic("Defendant"), Motion for summary Judgement pursuant to 735 ILCS 5/2-1005. The Court, having considered all written submissions and oral argument, hereby finds as follows:
Wallace "Gator" Bradley, Urban Translator
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Wednesday October 19, 2011
This matter arises out of an alleged breach of contract. Plaintiffs, a pro se litigant, filed this action on October 9, 2008 against Defendant, Frank Avila, and Avila, Tomic & Associates, LLC (the "Corporation"). The Corporation represented Aaron Patterson in his action against Jon Burge. Plaintiff served as an "urban translator" during the litigation and was paid monies from the Corporation's account. The Corporation was dissolved in May 2009. Defendant now moves for summary judgement...
After watching the news with my sons about the two young men, who got shot in the head, I couldn't sleep. This song and video kept coming to me. Will you join me in this humanitarian effort to stop this SENSELESS SHOOTING and KILLING by writing a letter to the program Dir. and owners of Clear Channel. I know it will make a difference, remember JESUS WALKS!!!
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Wednesday October 19, 2011
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It was an honor to be at the Illinois Constituent Coffee, to be allowed to share my concerns along with Ms. Thersea Hudges of REO Movers, an African- American Woman owed Small business about the importance of their support and votes for the American Jobs Act.

Meeting the Senators on the Hill was one of the many highlights along with going to the Martin Luther King Monument and the Phoenix Award Dinner where President Barack Obama spoke while I was there in Washington D.C. for the 41 Annual Congressional Black Caucus.
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Thurgood Marshall noted, "None of us got where we are solely by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps," so it was with your help that I was elected an Illinois Appellate Court Justice five years ago.

That is why I want you to be among the first to know that I have decided to run for the Democratic nomination for the seat vacated by the retirement of Thomas Fitzgerald on the Illinois Supreme Court.
While the primary is not until March 20, 2012, the work has already begun. (Read More)
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Wednesday October 19, 2011
Leviticus Bradley
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October 22, 2011, James B Coleman, Historian, Community/ Political/ Social Activist and Co-owner of Coleman's Barbershop for over 40 years; has endorsed Justice Howse for Sharon Coleman Johnson Vacancy on the Illinois Appellate Court.

Justice Sharon Coleman Johnson was appointed to the U.S. Federal Court by President Barack Obama. He ask his friends, Family and voter of Cook County to please VOTE MARCH 20,2012 for Nathaniel Roosevelt HOWSE, Jr to Illinois Appellate Court.
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For the second time in less than 10 years Joy Cunningham is trying to repeat her success as a history maker by winning an election.

In 2004 she made history by becoming the first black woman to be elected president of the Chicago Bar Association, a 138-year-old association whose 22,000 members consist mostly of attorneys and judges from Illinois
And now, as the only black Illinois Supreme Court candidate, Cunningham is vying to become the first Black female Supreme Court justice. If she wins the March 20 primary and the general election in November, Illinois will become the first state to have two black Supreme Court justices.

Prior to Cunningham the only other black woman to run for the state’s high court was Blanche Manning, who unsuccessfully ran in 1990. A win would mean Cunningham will join Charles Freeman as the only other black justice.

Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina are the only other states with a black, female Supreme Court justice....
Wallace Gator Bradley, UIPI President
By Wendell Hutson / Chicago City Hall Examiner
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Signed agreements between Aaron Patterson and the Avila Group 1.pdf
The UNITED IN PEACE, INC. ORGANIZATION is dedcated to Community/Political Activisim with regard to the health, interests, rights and needs of the Black Community, Nation-wide.
Edvidence that jury was allowed and no allowed to see, the Avila group testfied, facts.pdf
The Wallace "Gator Bradley, Urban Translator story, is truly one of varied experiences, reform, and personal success. Restoring hope in the capacity of the individual to change positively. To change by virtue of the exercise of will. depite the odds stacked against him, is nothing less than amazing.

Few men have had the fortitude to dare to make their mark on an often unforgiving society after having been deemed social monstrocities, misfits destined to be perpetually negative statistics of a downard spiral. Wallace Gator Bradley, former "Enforcer" of the notorious street gang known as the Gangster Disciples aka G.D.s, is such a man.

Pardoned by former Illinois Governor Jim Thompson and has been moving forward ever since at the speed of a rising star. Gator attributes his tremendous turn-around to the mercy and grace of Almighty God, the life changing work entitled "The Blueprint," written by Larry Hoover, Founder of the G.D.s and the restructuring and transformation of the organization's purpose and direction, the "Growth and Development" Ideology and all of the wonderful people in his life who have been and continue to be a source of love, encouragement and support.
Defendant Adam Loewy has testified under oath, judge refused to give it jury.pdf
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Is to highlight many of the community issues that the UNITED IN PEACE, INC organization's leader, Gator Bradley, the Urban Translator has been compelled to address for the purpose of peace and positive change within the evolving, Black Communty, Nation-wide. It is the earnest aspiration of this ambassador of peace, that his life will be a light to our up and coming generations to know intuitively that the greatness within them must be recognized, nurtured, cultivated and shared in service of the whole community, wherein we are strategically planted. No matter what our pasts have been where there is life, there is hope.

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